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Polka Art Studio Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 3.04.2023

Hello and welcome to Polka Art Studio! We’re thrilled to have you join our creative community. Our Privacy Policy is here to ensure you feel comfortable and informed about how we handle your information. So, grab your crafting supplies, and let’s dive into the colourful world of digital papercraft together!

1. Information We Collect:

   a. Crafty Details:

            ✦ When you sign up for Polka Art Studio, we collect your username, email address, and any other information you choose to share. This helps us personalize your experience and keep the crafting vibes flowing.

   b. Creative Footprints:

            ✦ We track your interactions with our website and digital supplies to understand what makes your artistic heart beat faster. Don’t worry; it’s all about making your Polka Art Studio experience better and brighter!

   c. Cookies and Sprinkles:

            ✦ Like a good recipe, our website uses cookies. These little digital sprinkles make sure your experience is as delightful as possible. You can adjust your cookie preferences in your browser settings.

2. How We Use Your Information:

   a. Crafting Wonders:

            ✦ Your details help us personalize your Polka Art Studio experience. We use them to recommend papercraft supplies, showcase inspiring projects, and keep you in the loop about all things crafty.

   b. Community Connection:

            ✦ We may use your information to connect you with fellow crafters who share your creative spirit. After all, what’s better than sharing papercrafting tips and tricks with a like-minded buddy?

   c. Surprises and Celebrations:

            ✦ From time to time, we might send you newsletters, exclusive deals, or virtual high-fives. Don’t worry; you can always opt out if your crafting schedule is getting a bit too busy.

3. The Crafty Circle:

   a. Sharing is Caring:

            ✦ Your crafting secrets are safe with us! We don’t sell or share your personal information with third parties. Your creativity is yours and yours alone.

   b. Legal Craftsmanship:

            ✦ In some cases, we may need to share your information to comply with the law or protect our rights. But rest assured, we’ll only do so when absolutely necessary.

4. Your Craft, Your Rules:

   a. Crafty Control Center:

            ✦ You’re in control of your information. Update your details, tweak your preferences, or take a break from our newsletters whenever you like. It’s your crafty kingdom; we’re just here to help you rule it!

5. Security with a Crafty Twist:

            ✦ We take the security of your information seriously. Our digital fortress is equipped with the latest protective spells to keep your crafting kingdom safe and sound.

6. Crafting with Kiddos:

            ✦ Polka Art Studio is for crafters of all ages. If you’re under 13, make sure to get your parent or guardian’s permission before diving into the world of digital papercraft wonders.

7. Crafty Changes:

            ✦ As our crafting kingdom evolves, so may our Privacy Policy. If there’s a significant change, we’ll let you know by updating this page.

Got questions or need help with anything crafty? Reach out to us at info.polkaartstudio@gmail.com

We’re always here to assist you on your crafting journey!

Thank you for being part of the Polka Art Studio family. Let’s keep crafting and creating together!

Happy Crafting, The Polka Art Studio Team